Tarim's Holy Book

First Readings

A reading from the book of Steve: “Lo, then did the rains come, and the Conniptin advance was halted on the mudded hill. In the morning our Lord Tarim, Most Holy, led the vanguard down to the enemy, and, with Faith, did triumph.” The word of Tarim (thanks be unto Him).


A song from First Jaka:
“Who will watch over me? Who will provide? "
All: From whom does my bread arrive?
Where shall I go, but He comes? "
All: I will wait for Him though the night is long. "


from the Book of Rizzo: And (on hearing the foul taunt of the Proconsuls Champion,) the Lord Tarim did turn down his own sword, and pointed the handle up to the mountain, saying “Dust & dirt & rock.” And the mountain offered forth a Stone. And the Stone flew swift and true, and struck the man, dead.


And Tarim did turn and walk among the pilgrims, and those hiding among them, and did according to their faith, reward them.
Despots and Tyrants receive the Sword: (Cut away these chains.)
Those holding Bondage receive Bonds: (Let those so held be free.)
The Lowest received the Bread of Life: (Fill our need, oh Tarim.)
The Pious received the Lion’s share.: (Hear our pleas, oh Tarim Lord.) (Sword down to table, Feast appears)
All: Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! All glory to Tarim.

Tarim's Holy Book

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