Sports and Games


Hokie is a Dwarven individual sport involving the hitting of a small stone ball to a distant hole in the least number of strokes of a long club, the Pokie.


“Camp Ball”/“Campbell” is a Dwarven team sport involving passing an inflated pig’s bladder to an open man who takes a shot at the goal, usually a tree or in organized leagues a stone obelisk. Much checking, tackling, boxing; no goalie. Popular with urban toughs in the Riverlands and the Eastfeld.
The man with the ball must shout Break Camp to move with the ball, and come to a stop and shout Make Camp before tossing the ball. The catcher must of course be stationary to be a target.


“Upsie-Downsie is a Human “team sport”; a simplified version of Camp Ball where the goal is a distant line, such as a river (“Downsie”) or the city wall (“Upsie”). More of a holiday pasttime (Shrove Tuesday) than a sport, played in villages across the Northlands.


Hurley is a Halfling team sport involving passing a leather-clad cork ball via the Hurley Stick, shooting at a guarded, H-shaped goal: 1 point over and 3 points under. Several city league teams in Davonia & Aberdeen, not as popular more westerly.

La Crosse

La Crosse is an Elven team sport involving passing a solid leather ball via La Crosse, a basketed stick, to an open man who attempts to shoot between the posts of a guarded goal. As a sport, there is no physical contact, but as a proxy for war, a challenge duel is fought for control of the ball. Not as common as Camp Ball; more typically played in schools as a recreation.

Sports and Games

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