Dwarves are a humanoid race which has evolved to thrive in caverns and other underground locations. Their racial average height is four feet tall and their weight average is around 180 pounds. They live approximately 600 years.


Dwarves live in a vast complex of tunnels and chambers at a location called Driscoll, which also lends its name to the mountain range above. Driscoll is more properly just the main underground citadel of the Dwarf race, but Humans call the entire ‘country’ Driscoll. A large road east from the Riverlands leads into Driscoll, and this main road exits the mountain range many hundreds of miles later on the Davonian Plain at the Human town of Cork at the head of the Davon River. There are close to a million Dwarves in the entire underground country.


Dwarves organize into families and clans which possess territory called Holds, presided over by the Laird. Within a Hold, smaller specialized Companies will form to support Dwarven industry.


In a Dwarf’s mid-twenties, childhood and basic education ends, and the Clan Family spends considerable effort securing a working apprenticeship with an available Master of the field in which the Dwarf has shown promise. Frequently, the Clan must force a young Dwarf to accept that the Clan needs an apprentice in a field which the Dwarf may not enjoy.


Dwarves have a main pantheon of five Gods: three male, two female. Dwarves acknowledge the existence of many other gods & spirits, but The Five are the most respected forebears of the entire Dwarven race, and their worship focuses the Dwarves on their aspects.

Merican, Lord of the Forge

The Lord of the Forge is seen as the father of all Dwarves. He gifted the Dwarves with the knowledge of the working and blending of metals and ores at the dawn of the race.

Clanggedin, Lord of War

The Lord of War is the embodiment of the Dwarven martial aspect.

Gullendin, Lord of Luck

The Lord of Luck shows favor to the Dwarves, keeping them safe and rewarding their work with bounty.

Gulthenar, Lady of Hope

The Lady of Hope gives Dwarves the attitude that things will always get better with hard work.

Berronar, Lady of Wisdom

The Lady of Wisdom is seen as the mate of the Lord of the Forge. Wisdom councils the Dwarves in all their actions.

Relations with Other Races


Dwarves see humans as unruly, undisciplined younger cousins. There is a great deal of trade between humans and Dwarves, trade of exotic foodstuffs for finished metal products and ores.


Dwarves see Elves as lazy siblings. There is a mistrust between the two races, but it is not a hostility. There is also a ‘craft rivalry’ between Elves and Dwarves in the execution of fine jewelry and the like.


Gnomes have communities in the periphery of the Driscoll Range, underground with the Dwarves. They are an older race, and Dwarves are always hospitable and welcoming to Gnomes, who are earnest in returning Dwarven respect.

Dwarven Cosmology

The Dwarven view of the cosmos is one of separation, self-sufficiency and survival. They know that there are various dimensional spaces with wide varieties of entities who provide magickal power and energy to their worshipers. Slow interactions, limited relationships and Clan privacy are Dwarven ideals which have guided them since antiquity. Flashy, dangerous magickal exploration is not a societal value.

Dwarves have always had a contentious relationship with what other races refer to as “magic”. The “natural magic” which Faefolk and Buccafolk wield is not expressed by Dwarves; they in fact possess a measure of racial resistance to magickal influence and effects; sages have referred to this ability as an “Inertia”. This Inertia also prevents Dwarven research into the “charm sorcery” which Elves and Humans utilize.

Dwarves do, however, express supernatural ability via direct prayer to their gods as well as the ability to create stone- and metalworks with an undeniable measure of magickal enhancement.

Dwarven Occupations

Upper Class

Mason, engineer, sage, judge, jeweler, goldsmith, banker, treasurer, priest, weaponsmith, silversmith, military high command, assayer, armorer

Middle Class

Merchant, miller, baker, brewer, cooper, cartwright, scribe, accountant, carpenter, miner, military officer, courier, printer, alchemist, bard, machinist, quartermaster

Lower Class

Lumberjack, groom, carter, shepherd, chandler, weaver, cheesemaker, military soldier, bodyguard, scout, hunter, musician


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