Church of Tarim

The Church of Tarim is the main religion of the Humans in the regions of The Riverlands and the Davonian Plain.


The Legends

Ten thousand years ago, the Chaotic Times were ending. Gods and Giants began to sleep. Gods had been the protectors of the weak races. Gods turn deaf ears to the problems of the lesser races. Pockets of tyranny and injustice develop and broaden their reach. A tribe called the Conniptins consolidates their rule over the Riverlands. A Hero arises, called Tarim, with a message, Might for Might: “He so is helped who helps himself.” “Wake up and thank the Sun for shining. Trees love the sun; how do you argue with a tree?”

The Church


It is said that during this time, Priests begin following Tarim’s warband and repeat his words under his protection, and these priests begin to display supernatural abilities manifest through their faith and prayers. Tarim finally breaks the last Conniptin stronghold at Lyons and the Riverlands are established as independent city-states. Tarim’s cause of death is not recorded, but his Priesthood maintains that he ascended bodily to the higher planes and did not leave a corpse. In the aftermath of Tarim’s passing, Lyons becomes the great center of worship of his legendary might and wisdom. Over the next several thousand years, the Holy Church of Tarim captures the imagination of the Teuton Humans of the Riverlands.

Davon the Explorer

Five thousand years ago, Davon, Bishop of Augsberg, was set upon with a great vision, to travel the Driscoll Highway to its end and to find a great ocean. He does this and establishes the second holy city of Tarim, Davonia, on the great Davonian Plain. From Davonia, the eastern continent is colonized by Tarimites over the next several thousand years.

The Great Schism


The great distance between Lyons in the West and Davonia in the East produced several crises in the Church in the early days of Settlement. At one point, Melvin, Bishop of Davonia declared himself the Archbishop of Davonia and began exercising authority over the other Eastern bishops. At this point, Melvin’s initiative was purely practical; direction from Lyons was arriving so many months late as to be worthless. The authorities of the Western Church protested this move, and bad blood began to develop.

The Winter of Our Discontent

A terrible, long winter almost a thousand years ago finally split the Church into two. Winter storms closed the pass at Burnham, and the long northerly journey on the Driscoll Highway became too expensive to undertake casually as the King at Driscoll had also died, clogging the Highway with traveling mourners. Before the winter, Pope Leon XII had fallen ill, but the weather meant that upon his death, even the Western Cardinals had trouble travelling to Lyons to elect his successor. This caused the Archbishop of Davonia to call the Eastern Cardinals to Davonia to elect their own Pope: the Archbishop, now known as Pope Pius. Though their rites and worship remain nearly identical, the Holy Church of Tarim in the West at Lyons, and Tarim’s Holy Church in the East at Davonia have no formal relationship with each other.

Church of Tarim

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