Orcs are a warlike race related to Kobolds and Ogres. They are approximately the same size as humans but generally muscled and lean. Their skin tone ranges from light gray-green to deep green. Orcs are as long-lived as humans but their lifestyle will generally cut that lifespan short. They shun sunlight but do not suffer from it.


The largest concentration of Orcs is in Orcmarsh, a swampy coastal region on the Davonian Ocean south of Fredhawk_(City) and the Red River. Orcmarsh stretches along the coast for hundreds of miles south. The uplands of Orcmarsh are littered with caves and hollows. There are many millions of Orcs in Orcmarsh, as well as many more millions of Kobolds and hundreds of thousands of Ogres.


Orcs are a violent, greedy, rapacious people. Chieftains band their fellows together with strength and organizational skill, knowing that a revolt could happen at any time. There is a saying that “An Orc sees a stack of bricks and can’t help but to knock it over.”


Orcs worship a two-headed Orc God, Gorq and Morq, who was driven out of the Council of Gods by the Elven Contingent in antiquity. Orc Shamans consult various gods and spirits to guide Chieftains and benefit their communities. Orcs respect the power these Shaman wield and will often follow Shaman rather than a Chief.

Relations with Other Races


Orcs see Humans as juicy, soft targets for working out their aggression and dispossessing of their belongings.


Orcs absolutely hate Elves, both intellectually and viscerally as part of racial memory. Horrific torture for several Orc lifetimes awaits any Elf abandoned to Orcish hospitality.


Orcs view Dwarves much as they do Humans, just slightly tougher nuts to crack.


Orcs, being stronger and tougher than Kobolds, tend to bully and lead the smaller race. To an Orc, a Kobold is fodder to distract enemies while Orcs do the bulk of the fighting.


Orcs see Ogres much as they do their own Shaman: wielders of power who can lead them to great spoils.


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