Fredhawk (the City)

This article is about the capital of The Eastfeld. For other uses, see Fredhawk_(disambiguation).

Fredhawk is the capital and most populous city of The Eastfeld. Situated at the mouth of the Iest River as it empties into the Davonian Ocean, Fredhawk is a thriving trade metropolis of nearly a million beings.


Fredhawk was founded over three thousand years ago by explorers setting out south from old Davonia via longships. The explorers found the mouth of the Iest River and ventured a few miles upstream to find a broad hill between branches of the river, and built a fort there from which to survey the surrounding lands. As the population in The Eastfeld grew, the fort around Fredhawk became a center of global trade.



Fredhawk’s urban area clings to the banks of the Iest River and its tributaries and deltas, southeast of the great plain of Palnu, north of the Orcmarsh, and south of the Druidwood. The delta areas of the city are prone to flooding.


Fredhawk proper is comprised of 13 districts of the city. Each is ruled over by an Earl who also has a seat on the Council of Fredhawk.

First District – Highcourt

Highcourt, aka Council District, could be considered the seat of all government in The East, as it is home to the Council Dome where the nobility of all The East hold their meetings. The old Colosseum and the Cathedral of Tarim is also in Highcourt, as well as urban mansions where the most elite citizens reside. Highcourt has its own keep and walls. Council Bridge exits the keep and crosses the Iest River south into the Second District.

Second District – Highgarden

Highgarden is home to high-end shops and hotels, as well as visitors, merchants and nobility not quite well-to-do enough to reside in the Council District. Highgarden has several greenspaces. Council Boulevard splits Highgarden into East and West, and is bordered on the south by the Great River Road.

Third District – Teagarden

Teagarden spans the Iest River at Seagate Bridge as well as a short section of the Great River Road. It is wholly inside the city wall and houses middle and upper class citizens, as well as many cafes and specialty shops.

Fourth District – Middlecourt

Middlecourt lies wholly in the city walls and contains the junction of Seagate Road and the east spur of Southgate Road south to Highbridge. It is comprised of mostly middle-class residences.

Fifth District – Seagate

Seagate lies to the northeast of the city center and is bisected by the northeast corner of the city wall. Seagate Road runs north-south through the Seagate, north along the coast all the way to Leeds and eventually Davonia.

Sixth District – Northgate

Northgate lies northwest of First District north along the Iest River. Northgate is bisected by the northwest corner of the outer wall of the city. North entry is via the Northgate Road which eventually turns into Cam Road north of the district.

Seventh District – Gatehouse

Gatehouse straddles the Iest River at the western entrance to the city. The castle which guards the Great River Road entrance to the city is known as Gatehouse, lending the district its name. Inside the city wall, the Northgate Road crosses the Iest at Northbridge. Outside the city wall, the Southgate Road splits from the Great River Road and winds south of the wall through Districts 8, 9 & 10 to the Southgate which leads inside the wall to Twixtbridge.

Eighth District – Cornwall

Cornwall is split by the southwest corner of the outer wall of the city. It is bordered on the north by the Great River Road along Gatehouse and Highgarden and is a mostly residential area.

Ninth District – Westmill

Westmill lies wholly outside the city wall. The Southgate Road runs south from the northwest edge of Westmill and then curves east-west through the district. It is home to several grain mills for the area.

Tenth District – Southgate

Southgate surrounds the Southgate outside the city wall. Southgate Road runs through the middle from the west, curving north to Southgate.

Eleventh District – Twixtbridge

Twixtbridge has two bridges of the Southgate Road (Southbridge over the Iest and Highbridge over the North Pass) and a large number of piers and moorings. There is a large public space between these bridges at the west end of the district which is always bustling with market activity.

Twelfth District – Oakwich

Oakwich lies north of North Pass and East of the city wall and is home to many warehouses and dockworkers. Much of the bulk loading and unloading of ships occurs here.

Thirteenth District – Soggy Bottom

Geographically largest, Soggy Bottom is broken up by dozens of channels and passes in the deepest part of the Iest River Delta. There are no bridges in Soggy Bottom, where many of the working poor of the city reside. There are many warehouses and docks, as well as ‘dirty industry’ such as the Jax Brewery. It stretches from the North Pass of the river delta, over the Iest and the South Pass all the way down to the Orcmarsh.


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