Fransylvania is the vast forest at the headwaters of the Riverlands, nestled in a great valley north of the World Spine Mountains. It is home to nearly a million Elves, and other races do not travel there lightly or without purpose.

Most of the below is only known by Elves. Browser beware!

Cities of Fransylvania


The last city before the journey to the White Harbor, Orleans has an extensive arts and dance community. Orleans is also referred to as “the City of Final Pleasures,” and the merchants therein take pride in catering to those revered elders and pilgrims who make their way to their next journey.

Younglings are not allowed in such a sophisticated town, as no Youngling has business at the White Harbor. This also applies to any human merchant caravan attempting the dangerous road from Coln to the White Harbor. Elves passively discourage this route, but human greed knows no bounds…

White Harbor

This is a holy place to the Elves, but it is also the only natural harbor for 1000 miles up and down the Coast. This means that humans sailing between Lyon and Chin regularly use the White Harbor as a waystation. Elves just charge and overcharge for everything at the White Harbor, and they are less than helpful (famous snobbery!)


A “half-Elf” town, considered “lawless” by the Elves. A good place to conduct shady business, Hanfleur is a Free City, relying on its large Elf population to keep Elven Soldiers close and its human population to keep Elven Authority far…

Le Havre

Across the Hanfluss River from Hanfleur; proximity to Platzburg makes it the #1 tourist attraction for “that old Elvish feeling.” Le Havre is charged with the defense of East Fransylvania. A large number of Arms Instructors and Tacticians may be found here.


On the ridgeland between Paris & Bordeaux; sees lots of traffic


Embarkation point for Marseilles, one of the oldest settlements


Stands on a bluff overlooking the Middle Sea. “Watchtower”


Becoming famous for its sweet liquer; a protected farming community. The Rangers protect a wide swath of growing area, forcing human merchants around. Cognac also keeps outsiders from the river route to Orleans. Only the most elite Elvish soldiers work Cognac’s Western flank.


The wilds upland of Lac Bordeaux are festering with faeries and sprites and brownies… only a famous Elf would venture here…


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