Davonian Plain

The Davonian Plain is one name for the large region south of the Driscoll Mountain Range and north of the easternmost range of the World Spine Mountains. It is also called “The Eastfeld” and “Greater Fredhawk,” after the political organization.



The eastern end of the Driscoll Highway departs that mountain range near the headwaters of the Davon River. Thousands of years ago, human Tarimite explorers traveled to the ocean via the river and named the entire continent the Davonian Plain, establishing the city of Davonia as their religious capital. Eventually these explorers established a pass over the western mountains at Burnham, allowing for futher travel between the Riverlands and the Davonian Plain.


The Druids, however, had been living on and around a central mountain on the Davonian Plain for thousands of years before.


Even before the Druids, the halfling race had made the hills of Halfmaine into their home.


The Orcs, too, had small settlements north of Orcmarsh at the south-easternmost edge of the Davonian Plain. The human explorers who established Fredhawk_(City) slowly drove all Orcs south into the Orcmarsh, though incursions are still a worry to this day.



Druidwood occupies the center of the otherwise flat Davonian Plain.

The Misty Mountain

The southwest of the Driscoll Range is known as the Misty Mountain. At the back of a large valley, the namesake mountain is always shrouded in mist. The Iest River flows south out of this range.

Iest River

The mighty Iest River flows south out of the Misty Mountains, sweeping east between Druidwood and the World Spine Mountains and ultimately emptying into the Davonian Ocean at Fredhawk_(City).

High Plains

The High Plains is a rough, hilly desert between the cities of Iest and Cork and Druidwood and the Driscoll Range.

Davon River

The Davon River flows south out of the Driscoll Range, near Cork, curves east past Druidwood, and empties into the Davonian Ocean at the city of Davonia.


A hundred miles north of the mouth of the Davon River lie the green hills of Halfmaine, home to the halfling race.

Bay of Leeds

Directly east of Druidwood is a fair-sized inlet deep enough for large ships to find shelter from rough seas. The city of Leeds is here, the center of commercial fishing.

Davonian Plain

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